Soldiers Burden is a unique experience to acknowledge the sacrifice members of the US military are currently making being away from the family and friends. Some of our members of the military are on their 3rd, 4th and even 5th deployment to Iraq and/or Afghanistan, missing anniversaries, birthdays, childhood milestones and even their children’s births. Initially created by Lyle Dillie, an Army veteran, with photos and sounds of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. This also includes a sky animation, an original musical score in 5.1 Stereo Surround Sound and hand painted visages of modern American Soldiers and Marines.


 Video editing by Jaren J. Davis
Animation by Giovanni Johnston, Miriam Krueger, Anna Datoon, Jac Ciminera and Andy Palacios
Music by Steve Gamo
Metal Canopy Frame by Thomas Yoxall and Josh Fazenbaker of
Metal Art Stands by Thomas Yoxall
Canopy by Annie PittsAdditional photos provided by Spc. Thomas Begush, Chistopher Nosil, Spc. Marcus Belcher, Sgt. James England and Sgt. Steven Sheldon

Additional Contributors: Estrella Mountain Community College, Arnold Zaharia, Robert Stelling, Bob and Rose Henk, Manuel Chavez and the Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies division at Arizona State University.

Special thanks to Brandi Dillie, Jason Dillie, Larry Dillie, Adrian Dillie, Alma Krueger, Lina Luna, Mandy and Morgan Oviatt, Melody Gorman, Deborah Roseke, Nikki Rowe, Tyler Koch, Barry Moon, Richard Lerman and Arthur Sabatini.